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March Mullet Madness

Fashion evolves. Fashion is an ever-changing beast that we have no control over and runs its own course. Sometimes it brings us chic, mod, hip and everlasting styles of beauty. Other times it brings us the mullet. 

Long Live the Mullet

ALL HAIL THE MULLET! LONG LIVE THE MULLET! This month, we are giving love and respect to none other than the mullet. Otherwise known as the Mississippi mudflap, the Tennessee top hat, the guac-a-mullet, femullet, the Kentucky waterfall, the skullet, the Dixie Dust ruffle or the achy breaky big mistakey. 

Ok, ok, I get it. Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t make it cool AF.  But in the eighties and nineties, everyone had mullets, from Mel Gibson to David Bowie, and even athletes like Randy Jackson and Hulk Hogan. Mullets have been ingrained into our fashion world, and whether we like it or not, they are here to stay.  

If you know me, you know that I have a soft spot in my heart for mullets. My line is “Mullets have feelings too.” Growing up in the eighties, there were so many people that I idolized who had mullets. 

First and foremost, Carol Brady! Not only did she exemplify what the modern American mother was going through in the 70’s, but she led the way for female mullets for decades. 

Next, and certainly a strong candidate for first, Cher. Beautiful Cher, she had the voice, the body and the attitude to pull it off making way for ladies like Liza Minnelli and Joan Jett. 

I wanted a mullet so badly that I got this instead….

amy anant salon

Not only did I grow 6 inches that year, solely by Aqua Net, but I felt like I was part of this fad, this trending craze that all the strong women were doing. 

With so many amazing people rocking this never-fading trend, why is it still the ugly apple that hit every branch in the hair world? Will mullets ever be recognized as the rock that they are?

Mullets Are Back in Full Force in 2020

Enter 2020 with a new, fun sense of play and self expression in our world that mullets have made a come back. Miley Cyrus started this year out with a bang, or should I say bangs??? The Cyrus family is trying again to bring it back. And with no surprise, the mullet is changing again and coming back with full force. New modern mullets are on the rise, bringing a lot of controversy and attitude with them.   

As they say, “What’s old is new again.” Plainly stating that fashion comes back around. The new mullets are edgier, messier and a little more layered than the last generation, offering more play in the style. The new modern mullet is softer, low key and resembles more of the 70’s shag with a twist.  

Mullets Are Here to Stay

All mullet jokes aside, it looks like mullets are here to stay.  Whether you like the original 70’s Brady flap or the 90’s Cyrus waterfall, they will hold a place in all our hearts for the long-haul. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the mullets in the past for standing strong – either by back-combing or Aqua Net hairspray – and for leading the way into a new, more beautiful us. 

Stand strong and flap proud. We love you, mullets.

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