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purple hair

Purple Hair for Prom

If you read my first story about a monkish-looking hair-cut I received from my mom, you’ll see how I tend to push forward stubbornly towards my goals, even if it doesn’t always work out as planned.

Did I learn? NOPE. I have always been the type that has to learn her mistakes on her own, maybe even a few times. So, let me tell you about when I colored my own hair for prom.  

My dress was eggplant purple, and how cool would it be to have my hair match my dress for prom. Oh, I can see even now how excited I was. It was so simple – go to the store, get purple dye, put on head and wash out.

What could go wrong??? The instructions were right there on the box. No extra products needed, just apply, wait 30 minutes and poof, purple hair. The instructions, I’m sure, were precise and would have been sufficient if not being read by an anxious 17 yr old and her sister. Apply, process, rinse, shampoo twice, rinse and condition.  

After waiting the 30 minutes I went into the bathroom, flipped my hair into the tub and started to rinse. I shampooed twice as directed and conditioned and flipped my head out of the tub.  Expecting an awe of amazement from my sister, I turned and looked at her with this huge smile on my face.  

“Violet. You’re turning violet.” 

WHAT????  I rushed over to the mirror to see that all the color had rushed off of my hair straight onto my face and had turned my entire face purple. Have you seen pictures of the Kentucky Blue People??? Well, I would have fit perfectly.  

My hair did match my dress, with very little distinction between my hair, skin and dress.  I was SEXY, but not in the way I should be bragging about it. We spent the next week bleaching my face. I was the whitest asian with purple hair in a purple dress that you could imagine. My face literally was glowing.

Can You Trust Me?

Still trust me to do your hair?  If not, then you should really give me try.  Those are old mistakes, funny and inconsequential, but lessons learned. I can guarantee you that I have never tonsured anyone, unless they asked :). Or made anybody feel like they were going to be danced around by a singing group of Oompa Loompa’s

Have I made mistakes since going to school and being in my career? Sure, who hasn’t? But I always learn from them and try not to make the same mistake twice.

Always Learning and Growing

I believe that education is an endless path that you can and should get lost in. I try to learn something everyday. I have tons of useless, and useful, knowledge stored up in this nugget that I love to share with people. In turn, I love the quirky stories and awesome tidbits of information people have to share while in my chair. Learn, grow, educate, repeat.

(Side note; to all who teach, preach, educate and allow a piece of you to be seen by others, I commend you!!  Standing in front of people and letting them into your life is not easy or for the faint of heart. Keep an eye out for our specials for Educators – each 3rd week of the month, we offer 20% off haircuts for local Educators.) 

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