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What’s Your Story? Here’s Mine

Ok, so we all have that one story, right?!? You know, the one where you thought you could do something in the privacy of your own home and it would either turn out great…or at least not so bad, and hopefully nobody would ever find out.

Then BAM! Your kitchen is now smoky and on fire, or your car has really sprung a massive leak, or…. your hair is bright orange, and your bangs are standing straight up from your forehead. Yes, I’m talking about those stories. It’s these stories that drive us, either to perfection of our project or to call in the professional. Welcome to my beginnings.

I was a small child with long dark hair that was super active and was always having to braid it or pull it back. My hair was heavy, and all I wanted was short hair that was easy and didn’t give me headaches after a long day of wearing it up.

My First Haircut

After what seemed years (I’m sure only a few weeks or so) of begging my mother to let me cut my hair, she caved. YES!!! VICTORY!! She collected all of my hair into the tightest ponytail known to man on the top of my head. So tight that I could feel the hair on my hairline pulling back trying to stay in my head.

Then snip, and down it comes around my face. I jump up in excitement knowing that my hair is at my cheeks and I can finally run around without this ten pound massive bulb on my head. I could feel the breeze on my neck, and my hair was swishing in front of my face.  I was ecstatic!!

When my father got home, I was so excited to show him what new changes had occurred that I went running up to him and gave him the biggest hug I could. Then I felt this weird sensation as my dad started to rub the very top of my head. What is that? Why are you rubbing, what feels like an incredibly smooth spot on my head? And why are you calling me Friar Tuck?

Yes, my mother had cut my hair underneath the hair tie creating a tonsure type of haircut. My father was furious, but I didn’t care, I got what I wanted. I was a happy client who walked away from my mom with short hair that was easy to pull up into a ponytail. I won!! I also won a year of only being able to go out in public with my hair pulled back into the tightest ponytail ever, as to cover any monkish-like traits that people may notice.

Point being, my mother had given me what I wanted, and I was pleased. She also gave me the first example of something that she was so confident with, and it went so wrong. Did I learn? NOPE. I have always been the type that has to learn her mistakes on her own, maybe even a few times.

Opening Anant Salon

I opened my business because I wanted to be able to help others make and learn from their mistakes, and mine as well. Anant Salon exists because there were people out there willing to let me learn from them, and in turn I now have people who can learn from me.

I have been very fortunate to be able to build the business that I have. I have amazing guests who come in everyday and share a part of their life with me. I have an amazing staff that I trust wholeheartedly and an amazing business partner who works just as hard as I do to maintain a quality environment. We have fantastic support from the community and have amassed a number of guests who drive quite some distance to see us. To all of you, thank you! 

This is just the first of many posts, and as such, I wanted to give you a piece of me and my history. We are coming into our 6th year of business and are continuing to change and grow, so you will see e-newsletters, more social media posts and more involvement in the community in the upcoming year.

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